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We perform the services with sincerity and fairness, and clarify the truth.

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Assurance engagements
Financial statement audit
Review of composition of finances
Internal control audit
Audit of fiduciary obligation
Financial due diligence
Fair value evaluation
Financial consulting
Internal control consulting
Internal audit support
Consulting for IFRS introduction
Initial Public Offering assistance
IT control audit and System audit
Computer-assisted audit
Internal control (as IT control) consulting
Collection of corporate information
Window-dressing case study
Fraud investigation
International operation
Assistance of development of Annual Report
International taxation business consulting
English accounting support
Bookkeeping service
Monthly and annual account settlement
Consolidated financial settlement
Tax preparation service
Taxation consulting
Cross border service

Group company
HLB Meisei LLC
We perform the audit service with sincerity, making the best use of our abundant audit experiences and various specialties of our staff.
Meisei Research & Consulting
We provide valuable service as accounting specialists such as a supporting for IPO and an execution of financial due diligence, etc.
Meisei Accounting and Tax Corporation
We help your corporate taxation procedures, including the filing to authorities, outsourcing of bookkeeping, and consultations regarding the tax.
Meisei Labor Management Office
We provide a wide range of labor management services such as Payroll processing, Filing services, Establishment of working regulations etc.

HLB International
Guarantee affairs

Financial statement audit

After global depression due to a spate of window-dressing cases by both domestic and international companies and the credit shortage by subprime mortgage crisis and Lehman Shock, international scrutiny have become much severer with respect to company’s financial status disclosure.
To meet such social needs, our audit teams comprise experienced and knowledgeable staff who have performed audit work in a variety of industry. As professional auditors they exchange their views freely with each other and communicate with clients closely, so that we can conduct efficient and to-the-point audit according to the situation of each client.
In addition, we achieve high quality audit work by adopting the latest international auditing technique from HLB International, which has over 400 offices in the world.
As well as catching up with the revision of the existing laws and standards, we provide in-house trainings for staff and launch new team in order to develop professionals who can promptly deal with the IFRS-based financial statement audit which will be required in Japan in the future.

Our major services

-Audit under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
-Audit under the Companies Act
-Financial statement audit for IPO
-Financial statement audit based on IFRS
-Financial statement audit in English
-Other voluntary audit