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We perform the services with sincerity and fairness, and clarify the truth.

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Company Profile

Group company
HLB Meisei LLC
We perform the audit service with sincerity, making the best use of our abundant audit experiences and various specialties of our staff.
Meisei Research & Consulting
We provide valuable service as accounting specialists such as a supporting for IPO and an execution of financial due diligence, etc.
Meisei Accounting and Tax Corporation
We help your corporate taxation procedures, including the filing to authorities, outsourcing of bookkeeping, and consultations regarding the tax.
Meisei Labor Management Office
We provide a wide range of labor management services such as Payroll processing, Filing services, Establishment of working regulations etc.

HLB International
Company Profile
History of Meisei Group
May, 2005 Founded Meisei Audit Corporation at Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
December, 2005 Founded Meisei Consulting Co., Ltd.
Moved the head office to Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku
May, 2007 Moved the head office to Kyobashi, Chuoh-ku (present)s
July, 2008 Founded Meisei Tax Corporation
June, 2009 Meisei Consulting Co,Ltd. changed the name of the company to Meisei Research and Consulting Co.,Ltd.
February, 2010 Meisei became a member of HLB International
Takeda Tsuyoshi Tax Accounting Office (after dissolution of Meisei Tax Corporation)
February, 2010 Founded Takeda Tsuyoshi Tax Accounting Office
January, 2011 The Representative director of Meisei Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. changed and new directors were appointed
January, 2011 Founded Meisei Labor Management Office at Kyohbashi Chuoh-ku
March, 2012 Moved the head office to Nihonbashi Hongokucho, Chuo-ku
April, 2013 Takeda Tsuyoshi Accounting and Tax Office renamed to Meisei Accounting and Tax Office
July, 2014 Meisei Accounting and Tax Office and Masuho Yukie Accounting and Tax Office merged into Meisei Accounting and Tax Corporation
July, 2014 Norihito Tsukimi assumed the representative of Meisei Research and Consulting Co.,Ltd and Tsuyoshi Takeda assumed its director.
August, 2014 HLB Meisei Audit Corporation became a limited liability audit corporation and renamed to HLB Meisei LLC

Members of Meisei group
Japanese Certified Public Accountants, 7 (including 7 Partner CPAs)
Junior Associates of JICPA (staff who passed JCPA exam), 4
US Certified Public Accountants, 1
Certified Fraud Examiner, 1
Japanese Certified Tax Accountants, 4
Certified Information System Auditor, 1
Labor and Social Security Attorney, 1
Attorney, 1
Patent Attorney, 1
US Attorney (New York), 1
SME Management Consultant, 1
*Some of members have multiple qualifications.
(Information as of September 1. 2017)

HLB Meisei LLC
Corporate name HLB Meisei LLC
Representative Senior Partner Tsuyoshi Takeda
Capital JPY 23,600,000
Members Managing Partner, 2
Partner CPAs, 4
Audit staff, 12
Administrative staff, 2
total : 20
(Information as of September 1. 2017)
Telephone Telephone:+81-3-5843-6511

Meisei Research & Consulting Co., Ltd.
Corporate name Meisei Research & Consulting Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Norihito Tsukimi
Capital JPY 3,000,000
Members Representative Director, 1
Director, 1
total : 2
(Information as of September 1. 2017)
Telephone Telephone:+81-3-3548-2032

Meisei Accounting and Tax corporation
Corporate name Meisei Accounting and Tax corporation
Representative Director
Tsuyoshi Takeda
Members Representative Director, 1
Partner, 2
Other staff, 8
total : 11
(Information as of September 1. 2017)
Telephone TEL:+81-3−3548−2034

Meisei Labor Management Office
Corporate name Meisei Labor Management Office
Director Takanobu Yoshida
Members Director, 1
(Information as of September 1. 2017)
Telephone TEL:+81-3-3543−2045

International service

HLB Meisei LLC is a member of HLB International.

Daiwa Bld. 5F 4-2-16,Nihonbashi Hongokucho Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan (Postal code: 103-0021)
Phone +81-3-5843-6511
FAX  +81-3-3548-2033

Nearest station

Kanda Sta. (JR line) -3 minutes walk
JRShin nihonbashi Sta. (JR line) -5 minutes walk
東京メトロ丸ノ内線(Marunouchi subway line) 東西線(Tozai line) 千代田線(Chiyoda Line) 半蔵門線(Hanzomon line) 都営三田線(Toei Mita Line) Otemachi Sta. -7 minutes walk

Services we provide

Meisei group responds to a variety of inquiries, concerning audit, accounting, and taxation services.
(Meanwhile, to maintain our independence as an auditor , please note that we have a policy not to offer auditing and other service at the same time to same client.)

HLB Meisei LLC

・Guarantee affairs Financial statement audit
  Review of composition of finances
  Internal control audit
  Fiduciary obligation audit
  Financial due diligence
  Fair value evaluation

・Consulting service Financial consulting
  Internal control consulting
  Internal audit support
  IFRS adoption consulting
  Initial public offering support

・International service Annual report preparation
  International tax consulting
  English accounting support

・Other service Cross border service

HLB Meisei Research and Consulting Co.,Ltd.

・IT IT control audit, System audit
  Audit of financial data by IT tool (Computer-assisted audit)
  Internal control (as IT control) consulting

・Research Corporate information gathering
  Window-dressing research
  Fraud survey

Meisei Accounting and Tax Corporation

・Accounting and taxation Bookkeeping service
  Monthly and annual closing review
  Consolidation settlement
  Tax preparation
  Taxation consulting

Meisei Labor Management Office

・Labor Management services Labor insurance
  Payroll accounting
  Development and revision of the employment regulation
  Consulting services for human resource and wage system
  Advies about industrial relations problems