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Top interview

Not only in Japan, the budget deficit has become a problem in many countries. In developed countries, due to the expansion of gap between the rich and the poor, aging society, etc., cost necessary to social welfare is increasing, so it is getting impossible to catch up with the increase in social security by means of relying somewhat on the tax increase, and it is getting also difficult to achieve financial soundness.

However, if a country attempts to up the tax revenue imposed in proportion to income such as corporate tax and individual income tax, multinational corporations and the rich would transfer their funds and income across the border in order to reduce their tax burden, and finally it will lead to its domestic industrial decline. Therefore, it would be future directions for countries including Japan to increase taxes that do "Not happen overseas" such as consumption tax and to reduce corporate tax.

Multinational corporations and super-wealthy exploit loopholes between the tax systems of different countries. Great wealth exists and does not bear any tax. For financial recovering, if the countries keep increasing consumption tax and income tax on middle income earners, public dissatisfaction and anxiety would exceed the limit someday, which might lead to a serious situation that could shake the foundation of the nation.

Development of information technology such as the Internet made it possible to transfer instantly information and funds on a global scale. Seeking resources, cheap labor or the future of the market, giant corporations have brought rapid and unequal economic development all over the world. Significant gap between the rich and the poor in developing countries has led to the political unrest and the expansion of terrorist organizations.

Global warming caused by CO2 increase has progressed. Global abnormal weather that intensifies every year has brought enormous damage to many areas as well as progressing desertification in large areas caused also by human factors. Developed countries are working to reduce CO2 emissions, but the increase of CO2 has no sign of stopping. It is predicted that if the destruction of the natural environment due to global warming continues, the human race may lose the survival foundation.

In order to protect shareholders, employees and business partners, companies need to put themselves through this competitive society to survive at last. However, the thought of winning the competition in first to pursue profit, will bring disadvantages as described above. We, with an eye to the future, must steer the direction to the co-existence and co-prosperity from seeking profit and also to morality from competition.

Meisei group, taking advantage of professional knowledge, technology and experience, have faithfully carried out our work with quality first so far. From now on, not only striving for higher quality services, we’d also like to keep thinking of what should be done and what can be done in order for a society to develop in a better direction permanently and to put them into practice.

MATC Representative Partner  Tsuyoshi Takeda